Spring into Good Health


With Spring finally here, most of us focus on cleaning out our living spaces, whether it’s cleaning out the dusty basement or giving away clothes that don’t fit. The Living Legacy Foundation would like you to celebrate the start of the warm season by “Springing Into Good Health!” This time of the year brings new beginnings, so how about a healthier you. With the weather warmer and the days longer, it’s a reason to evaluate what you’re eating, get physical and visit your doctor. There are tons of activities to be done indoors and outdoors to contribute to good health. Here are a few ways to keep your plate in shape and your weight in check:

Let’s start by cleaning out the kitchen:

  • Throw out high sugary items such as cereals and carbonated drinks.
  • When grocery shopping, purchase 100% juice, fruit to grab when you’re hungry for a snack and don’t forget light ice cream for when you want a treat.
  • Eat seafood twice a week. Keep a bag of frozen shrimp in your freezer and add them to soup or stir-fries.  Use canned or no-mess pouches of tuna or salmon to make fish cakes in place of burgers. Fish is low in calories and high in vitamins our body needs.
  • Purchase healthy grains such as brown rice and wheat breads.
  • Green is good, eat those leafy green vegetables! Vegetables such as asparagus, baby spinach and peas are in season and good sources of fiber, vitamin C and folate. Add them to salads or eat them lightly steamed with a twist of lemon.

Once your plate is in shape, get moving! Spring outdoors to:

  • Briskly walk around your neighborhood.
  • Jump rope.
  • Wash your car.
  • Take a bike ride.
  • Shoot some hoops with your kids.
  • Put your favorite tune on the radio and dance!

(As always, when exercising if you feel dizzy or short of breath take a break!)

A doctor’s visit is in order when you are trying to maintain good health. Visit your doctor before you start any exercise regime and tips on what’s best for your body. Also, have you glucose checked as well as your kidneys and heart. Spring is also allergy season, so consider checking with your physician before using over-the counter-medications, such as decongestants, as these can cause significant side effects including high blood pressure and heart palpitations.

Lastly, don’t forget to “Spring” into your local Motor Vehicles Administration to register to be an organ, eye and tissue donor or register here at www.donatelifemaryland.org. For more information on the Living Legacy Foundation visit us at www.thellf.org.


About Jennifer

Jennifer Gelman is the director of Communications for the Living Legacy Foundation of Maryland. She is responsible for creating and executing educational and awareness programs for LLF’s donor service area, along with overseeing the company’s volunteer program, and the relationship with Maryland’s Motor Vehicle Administration. With nearly ten years of experience in non-profit and cause-related marketing, on a national and local level, Jennifer is focused on raising awareness and creating an open dialogue about organ, eye and tissue donation throughout diverse communities the organization serves. Follow Jennifer on Twitter: http://twitter.com/jennifergelman
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