Maryland MVA Branches ‘Shower’ Donate Life Month With Support

Looking back on April’s Donate Life month, it’s fair to say that this life-saving cause was ‘showered’ with support.  It seemed like green was everywhere – from news anchors to hospital staff to community members touched by the Donate Life mission.  April was also widely celebrated in the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) branches statewide. 

Donate Life Month was kicked off on April 4th with the “Be Seen in Green” event.  All day, along with other community members and organizations, the MVA branches were asked to add some green ‘flair’ to their wardrobe.  Participants wore a green pin, green shirt or green beads to show off their support. 

If you visited a MVA branch on a Friday in April, chances are you probably saw a sea of green.  MVA employees received bright green Donate Life Maryland t-shirts to promote the nationwide initiative of 20 Million Registrants in 2012.  Employees enjoyed ending the work week on a green note and proudly wore their green shirts.  Some branches took photos of their MVA branch family in their shirts to share with the MVA and Donate Life Maryland facebook pages. 

In an effort to promote Donate Life month with customers, outreach tables were setup at various branches throughout the month.  These informational tables were a resource for customers to ask donation questions, sign up or receive a thank you gift for their support.  To receive a thank you gift, customers just had to show their license or ID card with the heart showing their donor designation. 

The support of Donate Life month continued in branches with the ‘Swirls of Support’ boards.  These large poster boards were displayed at MVA branches and offered customers contributing the Organ, Eye and Tissue Awareness Fund to display their support via a sticky, support note.  The note had ‘I Supported’ messaging and space for customers to write their name or even a personal message.  Customers could take their note and stick it to the ‘Swirls of Support’ board.  The boards displayed some very touching messages from customers personally connected to donation.  Conversations between customers and MVA staff were also sparked by the ‘Swirls of Support’ boards.  Some branches even used the board to create a friendly competition among branch employees to see who collected the most notes. 

The shower of support for April’s Donate Life month created a fun learning atmosphere for MVA branches while growing customer awareness of the cause.  We thank everyone for their participation and look forward to contributing to the national goal of registering 20 million organ, eye and tissue donors in 2012.


About libbydwolfe

Libby Wolfe is the Executive Director for Donate Life Maryland. She has over a decade of experience in the communications field working primarily in advertising and marketing. She is motivated everyday to encourage more Marylanders to say YES to organ donation and meet the need of those awaiting a transplant.
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