December Transplant Anniversaries!

The Living Legacy Foundation would like to wish a very happy transplant anniversary to the following transplant recipients during the month of December:

Emily Biondi
Kidney transplant recipient
7 yrs ago on 12/19/2003
Emily’s kidney was donated to her by her dad, Norm Biondi, so 12/19 is also Norm’s 7th anniversary of being a living donor!

Sam Tiemann
Liver transplant recipient
Second liver transplant 1 yr ago on 12/21/2010

We wish you all many happy, healthy years to come!

If you have a transplant anniversary you’d like to share, leave us a comment below!


About Lauren

Lauren Muskauski is the communications associate at The Living Legacy Foundation. She heads up many community outreach initiatives and projects, with a focus on middle school, high school and college outreach. She also manages The LLF’s and Donate Life Maryland’s presence on social networking sites, such as Twitter and Facebook. Lauren’s commitment to donation started early when she registered as an organ, eye and tissue donor at the MVA upon receiving her first drivers’ license, but was then reinforced a few years later when her father passed away while waiting for a liver transplant. Now, she continues to be inspired on a daily basis by the generosity of donors and their families, as well as the gratitude exhibited by every recipient she meets.
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2 Responses to December Transplant Anniversaries!

  1. Lisa Racine says:

    Hurray! I am looking forward to celebrating my liver transplant anniversary on January 1, 2012. One year! Whoo hoo.

  2. Robin Strauss says:

    I was a kidney donor and my niece, Lauren Coffman, was the recipient on April 19, 2010.

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