National Donor Sabbath: Give thanks. Give life.

Regardless of religious affiliation, congregations and houses of worship across the nation will recognize the lifesaving benefits of organ, eye and tissue donation on November 11-13, 2011 in honor of National Donor Sabbath, an ecumenical celebration of life. Though specific beliefs differ between denominations, the underlying theme – that organ, eye and tissue donation is one of the highest forms of giving – directly correlates with the principle upon which all major religions are based. Throughout the celebration, congregations are reminded of their faith’s support of donation and are encouraged to make an outward expression of faith by registering as organ, eye and tissue donors at

Observation of National Donor Sabbath is an opportunity for religious communities to touch the lives of millions of people. More than 112,000 men, women and children in the United States are currently awaiting transplants and about 2,000 of those people waiting reside in Maryland. Approximately only 50 percent of those waiting will receive the transplant they need to live. The solution to this problem is to encourage more people to commit to being organ, eye and tissue donors and provide them with the correct information on how to join their state donor registry to ensure their decision will be carried out. This is the goal of National Donor Sabbath.

There are many ways you can get involved with the donation cause and celebrate life during National Donor Sabbath. Below are just a few:

Presentations & Workshops
The Living Legacy Foundation’s staff and volunteers are more than happy to visit your place of worship and educate others about the importance of donation. Transplant recipients and donor family members are available to share their personal stories of hope and second chances during these presentations.

Bulletin Inserts
The Living Legacy Foundation can provide bulletin inserts with facts about donation as well as information about how to sign up as a donor.

On November 12, 2011, The Living Legacy Foundation and Donate Life Maryland will be hosting GospelFest, a free event showcasing local gospel choirs and celebrating the gift of life. Click here for more information about this event.

For more information about National Donor Sabbath, to arrange an interview with a donor family member or transplant recipient, or simply learn more about organ, eye and tissue donation contact Latrice Price,, 410-242-7000 x2037.


About Lauren

Lauren Muskauski is the communications associate at The Living Legacy Foundation. She heads up many community outreach initiatives and projects, with a focus on middle school, high school and college outreach. She also manages The LLF’s and Donate Life Maryland’s presence on social networking sites, such as Twitter and Facebook. Lauren’s commitment to donation started early when she registered as an organ, eye and tissue donor at the MVA upon receiving her first drivers’ license, but was then reinforced a few years later when her father passed away while waiting for a liver transplant. Now, she continues to be inspired on a daily basis by the generosity of donors and their families, as well as the gratitude exhibited by every recipient she meets.
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