Laura Ann the Intern: A humbling Experience

As part of my internship, not only do I work in the public education department, but I also have the opportunity to be exposed to the other elements of the organization. In fact, I am encouraged to interact with other departments, observe other presentations within the organization, and I have the opportunity, if there is one, to see a recovery.

Last week I had the honor to witness a tissue recovery take place here at the Living Legacy Foundation’s tissue recovery suite. To be honest, I did not know at all what to expect. I was excited though, and jumped on the opportunity immediately.

As I prepared myself mentally for what I was about to see, I remember thinking to myself that everything was going to be fine, this is what LLF is all about, this is the purpose of our cause.

Well, as soon as I entered the operating room, I immediately started crying. I could not control myself, my mouth was open to the floor, and I could not move. The rush of emotion washing over me in that very moment was endless. I was sad for the donor who was lying there, yet I was thankful that she made the choice to become a donor. I was also sad for her family who had lost their beloved young daughter, and I was deep in thought about the choice this family had made to give the gracious gift they were giving. I also could not stop thinking that this one person was going to help save the lives of so many others in need. It was honestly the most humbling moment of my life.

While watching the recovery take place, I could not help to think of the donor family, how they must be feeling at a time like this, yet they said yes to donation, and their daughter is going to live on and be a hero.

Throughout the tissue recovery process, I was amazed at how careful and respectful the recovery team was while honoring the donor’s wishes to help others through tissue donation.

I walked out of the room with a completely different look on life. I sat outside for a while and thought about what I was just a part of. It made everything in my life seem so small, all the things I worry about on a daily basis, like the test I have to take tomorrow, or the bags I have to pack for my weekend trip, or my stressful commute to work, are all nothing in the scheme of things.

From this experience alone, I am thankful to be at such an incredible organization whose staff does this type of recovery each day and are part of a channel to save someone’s life. It truly is an experience I will never forget.

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One Response to Laura Ann the Intern: A humbling Experience

  1. Meredith Miller says:

    Laura Ann,

    Thank you for taking the time to write this particular post… it IS humbling to consider the incrediable miracle of life=giving love you witnessed ~ but that’s what it is: love.

    I found myself tearing up at the memory of knowing that my husband’s body was treated with equal tenderness, as he too, was a donor (skin, tissues, etc…), plus knowing what I live with each and everyday: that I carry within my own body a liver that was given to me with the same generous love of a family that said yes to donation in a time of tremendous saddness and loss of their loved one here on this side of heaven.

    Thank you again, and I’m thankful that Living Legacy has you on their team!
    Meredith Miller

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