Donate Life Hollywood conducts survey about “Repo Men”

 In case you haven’t heard, “Repo Men”, the futuristic action-thriller movie, where highly sophisticated and expensive mechanical organs are available for purchase and transplant opened last weekend in theaters across the nation. Have you seen it?

In the movie, staring Jude Law and Forest Whitaker, the organs sold are VERY expensive and if a recipient gets behind on their payments, skilled “repo men” are sent to repossess the organs. It is at times gruesome and very unrealistic . However, Donate Life Hollywood, a non-profit with a mission of seeing more accurate and inspiring storylines about organ and tissue donation on television and in film, has released results of a survey, conducted after movie goers watched a trailer for the movie, which suggests the public perception of organ donation could be negatively impacted by the movie.

Specifically, Donate Life Hollywood found:

  • People with a personal connection to donation felt very strongly that this trailer would have a negative impact on people’s willingness to become a donor.  Similarly, people not connected to donation also felt the trailer could negatively impact people’s feelings about donation.


  • 82 percent of those who are connected to organ donation/transplantation found the trailer IS NOT entertaining. Whereas 60 percent of those who are NOT connected to organ donation found the trailer IS entertaining.


  • Among those who are not connected to donation, the younger the respondent and the more “disgusting” they found the trailer and the more they felt it negatively changed their mind about organ and tissue donation. 


As a result of this movie, questions about organ, eye and tissue donation may arise. Rather than try to rationalize the story line of the movie, instead I urge all of us to simply emphasize though this movie is complete fiction, it brings attention to our current reality – 106,000+ people nationally are in need of a life-saving transplant. As absurd as this movie is, maybe it can actually help LLF and other donation and transplantation organizations promote our message and ultimately save lives.

If you have seen the movie, what did you think? If someone asked you about the movie, whether you saw it or not, what would you say? Let us know. Post a comment and let’s get a conversation started!



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