Snow Angels

You know the old saying, “Neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet, nor hail shall keep the postmen from their appointed rounds.” Well, the snow storms that blasted the mid-Atlantic region recently finally kept the mail from being delivered – at least in my neighborhood.  

But, while many kids including my own enjoyed the forced mini-vacations caused by the recent snow storms, The Living Legacy Foundation found a way to continue our life saving operations. It sure wasn’t easy. Thanks to many dedicated LLF employees and  help from our property managers, Merritt Properties, The Living Legacy Foundation managed to facilitate two organ donors and 10 tissue donors during the recent winter storms.

For the recipients who were fortunate to receive a life-saving transplant during such difficult weather induced circumstances, everyone involved in those donor cases (LLF staff, hospital staffs and Merritt Properties staff) were nothing less than angels – snow angels you might say.

Earlier today, Charlie Alexander, president and CEO of The Living Legacy Foundation made a special trip to the main offices of Merritt Properties in Baltimore to say thank you to their employees and management for their exceptional support and assistance during the recent snow storms. 

Charlie Alexander with Merritt's Josie Kaminski and Scott Dorsey

Charlie presented a framed Certificate of Appreciation and a formal letter of gratitude to Merritt, In the letter, Charlie stated:
“During the past snow storms, if your team had not responded in the way they did (assessing and ensuring the safety of our building, removing snow from the roof, and providing safe access in and out of the building) our staff might not have been able to provide our life-saving services to those in need. I wanted to share and celebrate with you and your terrific team the life-saving results of our collective efforts. The Living Legacy Foundation was able to facilitate two organ donors and 10 tissue donors during the snow storms. The families of these individuals graciously consented to organ and tissue donation providing the gift of life to several people. As a result, four people’s lives were saved. From one generous donor, a 51-year-old Maryland man received a healthy heart, another 57-year-old Maryland man received a liver and a 61- year- old Maryland female received a kidney transplant. From the other generous donor, a 25-year-old Maryland man received a life saving liver transplant. One tissue donor can potentially enhance the lives of more than 50 people so because of the gifts from the 10 tissue donors, potentially more than 500 people will receive life enhancing tissue transplants including bone, corneas, heart valves, ligaments, tendons and skin.”

Thank you Merritt Properties for helping us save lives. And, thank you to all Marylanders who have said “yes” to donation by registering as a designated donor through the MVA or the Maryland Donor Registry. Whether it is winter or summer, snowing or sunny, you can be a hero by being an organ, eye and tissue donor. To register as a donor or to learn more, go to 

-Stay warm and safe, Jim

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One Response to Snow Angels

  1. Thanks so much for the kind words of appreciation. It is tremendously meaningful to all of us here at Merritt Properties to see the direct impact our efforts had on the lives of people you were able to help.

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