Two Million Designated Donors in Maryland!!

Two million designated donors! Wow, that’s a lot of people. Thanks to each and every one of those two million Marylanders who have designated themselves as organ, eye and tissue donors. You are truly heroes.

But, before we get too excited, there is more to this story. You see, even though we have reached two million registered donors in Maryland (which is AWESOME), it represents only 44% of registered drivers and ID card holders (only 38% of the population). With 105,000+ people (including almost 2,000 people in Maryland) currently on the nation organ transplant waiting list, there is more work to do. We need EVERY Marylander to register. So, to give us something to shoot for, Donate Life Maryland has set a goal of two and half million registered donors by 2014 (
Let’s make it happen!

Here is how you can help. First, if you are not yet registered as a designated donor, join the rest of us by going to the Maryland Donor Registry and signing up today.  Registering to be a donor is easy – just go to and sign up or check “YES” on your license when you obtain or renew a Maryland driver’s license of state I.D. card. Either way, it is quick, simple and a life saver. Make sure you share your wishes with your family – letting them know ahead of time ensures your wishes will be honored at the time of your death and your family will thank you for taking the burden of making the decision for you off of their shoulders.

For the two million already registered – THANKS!! Pass the word along to your family, friends and everyone you know. Share your decision and challenge them to register too. If you have any connections, affiliations, ideas or suggestions regarding getting the word out about organ, eye and tissue donation or to promote the Maryland Donor Registry, contact Lauren Muskauski, communications associate for The Living Legacy Foundation. She would love to hear from you. We work with businesses, schools, faith-based organizations and basically any group that would invite us to provide education and awareness opportunities about donation. Another great way to help is by volunteering with the Living Legacy or Donate Life Maryland. It is great way to get involved. Contact Latrice Price,  LLF volunteer coordinator to find out more.

Thanks again to the two million people who have registered. Share your decision and spread the word. Be a hero. Be an organ, eye and tissue donor.

I will keep you updated on the march to two and half million registered donors in Maryland!

– Jim

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